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Investing time, energy and money in planning your move pays for itself many times over. Consider the cost of moving furniture into your new home that you then find inappropriate. You can save the entire cost of planning just by analyzing and anticipating what you don’t need and selling it before you move.

An acronym for 'Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome' 
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Step 1-

  • Analyzing how your new lifestyle compares to your current or former one.  This allows us to identify possessions you already have that will enhance your new lifestyle, those possessions that will not be suitable for your new place, and those items you may need to acquire.
  • Your bedroom wing chair may be too large for your new bedroom, but it could be perfect in the living room. 

Step 2-

  • Recommend the most efficient and financially advantageous ways to move the possessions you decide to take; donate, sell or dispose of unsuitable possessions
  • Recommend ways to purchase items you’ll need, such as a great patio set.

Step 3-

  • Design and organize your new space to give you an attractive, comfortable and easy to maintain environment best suited for your new lifestyle.

Congratulations on your decision to move! We hope your downsizing brings you freedom from the burdensome and expensive tasks that home and garden maintenance can bring and more time and energy for family, friends, hobbies, and travel. Of all the clients we’ve helped downsize, not one has regretted making the move. In fact, if done with thoughtful planning, it can be the best move of your life.
Upscale Downsizing is a Three Step process SOS created to make sure your move is a smooth transition to a new stage of life.

Upscale Downsizing

~Upscale Downsizing​​~