~Supportive Organizing Solutions~ 

Three rules of work: Out of clutter find Simplicity;
from discord find Harmony; 
in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. 

-Albert Einstein

Lynne Maher
(585) 413-4348


your life. We help you decide, for example, how much you value order vs. the security of possessions. If necessary, we take a team approach and work with therapists in the area.  Then we do the organizing with you. We restore your home or office where you'll welcome visitors again - working at your pace, on your schedule, with your approval.  The result is a space you control and where you feel comfortable.  

  • Do you have hidden or disguised stacks and masses of possessions?
  • Have you turned one or more rooms in your home into a “storage” areas?

Whether you have a small collection you’d like to get organized or have a house filled from floor to ceiling with everything from trash to treasures, we can help you with it. We’ve seen it all. Our Pack Rat Service allows you to regain control of your life. We begin by respecting your needs and your goals. We develop a plan to reconcile the competing forces at work in 

  • Do your possessions own you instead of you owning your possessions?
  • Have you stopped inviting friends, family, and visitors into your home?

Pack Rat  noun 1. a collector of excessive objects ​

~Pack Rat Service​~