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"There is only one success - 
to be able to spend your life in your own way."

-Christopher Morley (American journalist, novelist)

Lynne Maher


picturing a red room painted tan or a room full of toys looking like a home office.

That’s why your home will sell for a higher price and in less time if you remove everything from each room, apply a fresh coat of neutral paint, and then bring back only the furniture and appointments necessary to establish the room’s single purpose. Buyers are confused by multi-purpose rooms. What is this room? An office or a TV room, they will ask. Photos of your family prevent them from seeing their family in the room. And walls that need to be painted make buyers believe that the home will require major repairs. If they couldn’t even paint, they ask, what problems are hiding behind the walls?

SOS can help you sell your home for more money in less time. We’ll work with you to remove clutter and personal items.  We’ll show you the paint colors that sell the fastest and then paint in the colors you select. We’ll arrange the furniture to make the space appear much larger. And finally, we’ll appoint rooms with fine art and objects that make buyers want the lifestyle your newly staged home can provide them.

The top three  things  realtors suggest when preparing a home for sale are to declutter, depersonalize, and paint.  The minute you make the decision to list your home, it is no longer your home. It is a House for Sale—just a product competing with similar products. To sell your product for the most money in the shortest time, you must allow prospective buyers to imagine themselves living there and liking what they imagine.  The truth is, most of us have little imagination when it comes to

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