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Life is really simple, 
but we insist on making it complicated." 

-Confucius (Chinese philosopher) 

Lynne Maher


inventory to a furniture inventory.  Once you give this to your homeowners’ insurance company (keeping a copy yourself of course), the insurance company has record of exactly what needs to be 

replaced. In addition to photographing and documenting items, we can also scan and/or copy documents and advise you where to keep them. 

We can also get you prepared for emergency situations and help you put together an emergency plan and supplies outlined by FEMA.  Whether it be just some extra candles, batteries, and some canned food to an entire set of supplies, SOS will get you prepared to the extent you’ll feel comfortable!

We now see flooding, hurricanes, fires, and winter storms that we’ve rarely seen before. That why it’s wise to have not only your most valuable possessions insured, photographed and itemized, but also to have a complete home inventory.

Everything from your furniture, to your computer, well right down to your shoes, should be included because in the event of a total loss, everything would have to be replaced. SOS’s Home Inventory service includes digital pictures and written documentation of everything, from a kitchen

 Extreme weather is a new reality. 

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