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A noun, meaning a pile of discarded clothes 
on the floor of a person's room 

​(the word is a blend of floor and wardrobe)" 

-WordSpy Website

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                                  of their home where they stash stuff or feel relaxed enough to allow “clutter build-up.” From time to time, they just need to get that space--a closet, garage, or office—under control. They may want help organizing a kitchen, for example. For others, though, the challenge is greater. They need to organize their entire home.  If that’s your situation, SOS’s Home Healing service is t here for you. One of our most popular home organizing services, Home Healing creates a peaceful environment in every room, closet and hallway. When you bring your whole home under the caring umbrella of SOS, you’ll be amazed at how much space you really have. We have had clients who requested Home Healing on the advice of their realtor. They were putting their house on the market and moving because they needed more space or a different flow of space. But after Home Healing, they realized they didn’t need to move at all. They just needed to better organize the space their home had to offer. Imagine touring your friends and family through your new organized home filled only with things you love and cherish.  SOS’s Home Healing service has fees everyone can afford, so if your entire home needs healing, give us a call today.

Many folks have an area

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