~Supportive Organizing Solutions~ 

"In order to seek one's own direction,  
one must simplify the mechanics of ordinary, 

​everyday life."
-Plato (Classical Greek philosopher)

Lynne Maher


We can scan your paper documents to your computer so you can have all your files in one place, so you could, for example, quickly open a tax document to show your accountant.  Whatever state they’re in now, we can have all your pictures and documents at your fingertips by the end of the day!  So why not make your technical life easier by getting your computer as organized as your home. 

Of all the places we spend time~ 

in our home, car, or office—perhaps the most perplexing place to organize is one’s computer.  But just as you need to organize your home, you need to organize your computer to truly organize your life.   SOS has computer professionals who are experts at organizing files, documents, and pictures. They put your electronic materials in logical places, making it a snap to show those pictures of your son’s birthday party to the family at a moment’s notice.

~Computer Chaos Control​​~